Our philosophy represents a shift in thinking about how to train. While most camps and clinics simply teach technique, RPW has created a unique system with a set of training principles designed to enable wrestlers to maximize their success at all levels:

  • ​Drilling is the most important part of training. How you drill is as important as
    what you drill. Approximately 75% of what we do at RPW is teaching how to
    ​train through drilling.
  • We train our wrestlers to wear down their opponents. We incorporate this into everything we do at RPW. Each drill is geared toward preparing our wrestles to have a physical and mental edge over all opponents.
  • Live practice wrestling is not competition. Live wrestling should be used for exploration, conditioning, and learning.
  • Keep your competition wrestling simple and organized. This does not mean that your wrestling should be rudimentary. Great wrestlers take complicated scenarios and break them down to the basics. Know your strengths. Wrestle in your best positions and train to be unstoppable in those positions.
  • The X-factor. Learn to train and wrestle with great energy and spirit.

Our primarily goal at all of our camps and clinics is to instill these training principles in wrestlers so they can take the principles back to their wrestling rooms and apply them in order to reach their full potential.

Relentless Pursuit Wrestling

Relentless Pursuit Wrestling Training Methodology